Buzz friends, family and other user's posts with your post of similar kind either for fun or to showcase your talent, work, idea, creativity, DIY or anything of your likes.

Finding out different ways of things you love


Express yourself in new ways with the Namebuzz .

Get the most out of Namebuzz

  • Bring yourself in the limelight ⭐:
    Namebuzz is for users to showcase their talents and to put their views and find the best one for either fun or professional purpose to earn recognition and to know what people are liking most. Compete socially and professionally on posts that match your interests. Brings talents to the limelight, buzz, watch, have fun and learn new everyday.

  • Host challenges 🏆 :
    Namebuzz is a social platform where people connect and buzz with each other. Host interesting challenges room in which people can participate and win be it art, photography, writing, sports etc.).

  • Save the ideas 💎 :
    Namebuzz allows you to save the ideas which you like from your feed or from your exploration. These ideas might motivate you as well you might get inspired to do certain things in a certain way.

  • Join the community, suggest your opinion 🧭 :
    When you get in touch with the Namebuzz community, you get closer to the world. You can share your opinions and ideas with the world regarding anything that you like to do.

  • Buzz to see things differently 🛎 :
    Getting to know the point of view of others is an essential thing whenever you think you are not good or sure about a topic. This makes it easier for you to know the point of view of various people on emerging topics like politics and news and you can also put your thoughts there by your buzz in the feed thread.

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